Return a Sale - POS Sales Screen

Return a Sale

While return the product, you may perform a return on fully paid sales and partially paid sales.

To process a return sale, follow the steps below:
  • To search the sales transaction, customer must provide the receipt or the name and date/time of the sale.
  • Click the 'return and exchange the sale' button, this will direct you to the screen ‘return and exchange’.
  • You can search the sales by reference, customer name and product barcode.
  • You can filter the sales by start date and end date.
  • While you search for sales by reference, list of reference appear over there.
  • Then click the reference which you need.
  • The sale will retrieved and placed in 'return and exchange' screen.
  • Next, click 'return' button, it shows pop up window.
  • While return the sale, you may return either whole order or some items.
  • Make a changes in the sale and click 'submit' button.
  • The sale is returned successfully.