Manage Products - POS Sales Screen

Removing a product from the sale

If you've made a mistake, simply click the red 'Dustbin Icon' in the sale list. This will remove the product from the sale.

View product information
  • If you wish to view detailed information on a product you've added to a sale, click the product SKU code in the sale list and it navigate to ‘product information'.
  • You can do this without leaving from the sales screen.
  • You can edit the product information and also add additional notes to that product.
Changing the quantity
  • EasyFastPOS offer two ways to add more of the same item to the sale.
  • The first is to simply scan or search for the same item again and again.
  • The second is to edit the quantity. This is best practice, so it's a good idea to get into the habit of doing it this way.
  • To edit the quantity, click the quantity text box and type the amount of products you need.
  • You can increase and decrease quantity by using UP and DOWN arrow key respectively.