Register (POS) - Overview

What’s Register?

Register is a web-based responsive sales screen. It’s fast, easy to use and works on any device and has a beautiful user-friendly interface that will look great in your store.

How do I access Register?

To access Register:

  • Login using your existing EasyFastPOS username and password.
  • Click the 'Register’ button from the top right of the screen.
  • If the register is closed, give store name and cash in hand to open the register.
  • If you have more than one register opened you'll be asked to select which one you would like to open.
  • If you have already accessed Register & a register is already opened, we will automatically load that register.
What is a Register Closure?

A register is opened when you first go to your EasyFastPOS sales screen, and it checks the date and time on your devices, recording it as your register open time. From that point, any sales you record on that register will be included in the register closure report.

All sales, payments, and returns done in between the Open and Close time on that register will be recorded in a register closure report.

To close the register:

  • Click the menu tab and then click 'Close Register' button.
  • This will mark the register as closed and save sales & payments from the session.
  • Close Register will close off the transactions for the day and record your payment totals.


Simplified Sales

  • Easily add products to the sale
  • Search customers or product information in the register is simple
  • Quickly add new customers
  • Applying item discount and order discount is simple
  • You can apply item and order tax.
  • Sell gift cards simply
  • Easily hold and unhold the sale
  • Switch to multi stores
  • Return and Exchange the Sale Quickly

Quick Payment Process

  • Multiple payments
  • Split payment
  • Special discount
  • Quick cash payment keys

Quick Access Right Panel

  • Tapping product
  • View today’s profit and sale
  • Close the register
  • Add and view expenses
  • View assigned shortcuts
  • List the opened registers
  • Clear unhold sale
  • View last sale bill